April 23, 2019 1 min read

1.  they one-of-a-kind:  with so many motifs and symbols to choose from there is something for every person and occasion.  You can see our current selection here: https://www.lunaandstella.com/collections/vintage-locket-collection.  We add new lockets weekly, so the assortment is always changing. 
2. they are eco-friendly: antique jewelry is the most environmentally-friendly jewelry there is -- no new gemstone mining + no new metal refining = zero environmental impact
3.  they were made in America -- most were made near our home base of Providence, RI, between 1860 and 1920.  At that time, and well into the 1970s, Providence was the jewelry manufacturing capital of the US. 
4. they have history:  many come with their original photos inside, and hand-engraved initials. In a chaotic world, there is something comforting about pieces that have survived the tests of history. 
5. they can be personalized: with your own photo inside, they become an heirloom for a new generation:  send us a photo, and we will scale, print, and place the photo inside. 
6.  they are meaningful:  our customers tell us over and over that unwrapping of a one-of-a-kind piece, with a photo of their child or partner or parents or pet or special place tucked inside is "the best gift ever."
Have you given or received a vintage locket from Luna & Stella?  Tell us what you love about your locket in the comments below. 
Happy Mother's Day! 

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