October 06, 2016 2 min read

October babies have two birthstones to select from -- the classic opal and the contemporary pink tourmaline. Pink tourmaline and opal have long been coveted both for beauty and alleged healing properties.

From ancient times to the art nouveau era opals have been an essential stone in jewelry design. The most common opals are the classic milky white stones. These became especially popular in Europe and the United States during the boom of the artistic movement (1890-1910).

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During this time, art and everyday life were merging. This was reflected in the new creative approach jewelers took. Stones became the focal point of the designs, and opal was the stone of choice for many designers.

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Tourmaline also has a long and exciting history. Tourmaline comes in various colors and historically has been mistaken for other gemstones such as Rubies and Emeralds. Due to its ability to mimic other stones for much of its history tourmaline wasn't recognized as a gemstone. However, today it is recognized as it's own mineral species and comes in a variety of shades including pink tourmaline which is the birthstone of October.

Whether you're a fan of the traditional birthstone or the modern day pink tourmaline both are equally rich with history, meaning, and beauty. If you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary or remembering a loved one, these stones are a fantastic way to honor those you love.

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