Sample Sale Sunday September 13 at the Providence Flea

September 11, 2015 1 min read

So apparently I am picky.  Very picky.

My husband gazing at a tray of rings I have prepared for our first sample sale, asks, what's wrong with them? 

What's wrong with them?  Well, nothing.  A slightly included emerald, a band that came in a millimeter to wide or too flat, a bale a tiny bit too large, a style we decided not to put in the assortment because we already had something similar. 

They're beautiful, he says.  

We are having our first ever sample at the Providence Flea at 345 South Main Street in Providence this Sunday September 13.  If you have never been to the Flea, it's a outdoor juried market inspired by the wildly popular Brooklyn Flea. We love the vintage/modern mix of the Flea, and the idea a shopper could find a great vintage charm from one of the other sellers and mix it on a necklace or bracelet with one of our charms. 

In addition to our full price line you see here on our website, we'll be selling our almost perfect samples for 50 - 80% off the original prices. That ring of trays you see?  With genuine rubies, emeralds, aquamarine, etc set in sterling silver or dipped in 18K gold?  Most will be $30, nothing over $50. These are prices you will never see on our website. 

Come treasure hunt with us! 



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