December 07, 2015 2 min read

It’s that time of year. We dads often leave the gift-buying duties for deep into December. When the clock is no longer on our side. We might not even motivate until the day before. Some of us like to shop that way. When we’re in a store on Christmas Eve, it can set parameters for our gift buying creativity. We only have the choice of what’s left…preferably from a store that gift wraps. Boom, we’re done.

This year though, let’s step our games up, especially when it comes to gifts for our wives, the mother of our children. It can be fun to buy gifts for the kids. Kids are pretty simple for the most part. Gifts for the wife can be a different story. We have an opportunity this year to show the most important person in our life that we really “mean it”. Birthstone jewelry is the absolute perfect gift to show that you really mean it.

We’re celebrating what makes her unique
We can get our wives a sweater from a popular store. Or, we could get her something that shows her we’re in love with how unique she is. A birthstone gives people a small glimpse into who she is and what she’s about.

We’re showing her how our love grows
Whether a necklace or ring is more her speed this holiday season, a beautiful feature of birthstone jewelry is that we can make it a family affair. So, while we’re telling her how important she is -- individually and apart from the kids -- we can also add the birthstones of our kids for your wife to wear. The pre-kid magic was special. Once the kids arrived though, a love of a different stripe developed. With birthstone jewelry, we can admire the progression of our love. 

We’re telling her that this whole thing is forever
There is a lot of trendy costume jewelry out there. A Luna & Stella piece is crafted in sterling silver or 14K gold and is made to last. Hopefully most of us are at a point where the relationship with our wife at least feels like it’s going to last forever. With birthstone fine jewelry as a gift, we articulate to our wife that we’re in this thing for the long haul.

Lucky for us, our friends at Luna & Stella are doing free shipping through the month of December. Let’s keep it simple:

1 - Choose the material of ring or necklace that she’ll like.

2 - Select wife's birthstone, and your kids.  Maybe add in yours too. Or a symbol that means something to you both, like an anchor or a bolt of lightning. 

3 - Place your holiday order. Use code HOLIDAD for free shipping!

Here’s to a holiday season of everlasting love! *clinks eggnog glass*

This is a guest post by Mike Johnson, founder of Playground Dad. Mike and his wife live in the Dallas area with their four daughters -- a moon,  a star, a heart, and a bolt of lightning

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